About Musings From The Wild

Musings From The Wild is a Melanated Kin-centered multidimensional writing experience for the kairotic moments in life and in art, when it’s time to {un}become.

Part musings, part poetry, part pussy preaching, part calls to arms.

As such...

This is an invitation to the Deep.

An erotic interlude of creative madness, decolonized bodies, and somatic remembrance...

That beckons you into excavation and inquiry beneath the crossroads of identity, psyche, and soul.

A howling potentate that offers up a medicinal fracturing of all the ways in which you have given yourself over {in the most tricksiest of ways} to a life that has become oh-so-slightly less lived...

Where your Refugee Soul comes home and becomes the embodied evocation of your everything.

I can't wait to explores these musings and depths with you.

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About me

Provocateur Of The Primal & The Wilds

Medicine Walker | Erotic Muse | Moon Stalker | Storyteller | Sexual Energy Alchemist | Body Poet | Ceremonial Activist | Abolitionist

This is where I might be expected to describe “what I do”. But, really, I do whatever I'm called to do on any given day, by God, art, pussy, and soul.

And whenever I happen to “forget”, I excavate and unleash #allthethings and drop right back into the instinctual and unapologetic Knowing of exactly who I am… and exactly what I came here to do about it.

AKA: I remember who the fuck I Am, as I stay all in on all of me and access, create, and play at levels of soul that most don’t even think possible without destroying their entire lives or blowing out their nervous systems.

Which is also, by chance, something I am damn good at helping you do as well.

Awwww shiiiiitttt… Well, would you looky there? I told you something I “do”. 😏

I am… an eropoetic, shapeshifting amalgamation, of sorts.

A bit of the Wilds, a bit of the Muse, a bit of the Medicine… a bit of who knows what else…

All alchemized into a primordial cauldron of creativity, ramblings, and soul.

So. There you have it.

Or not.

Either way, read this page and click some thangs to head down the rabbit hole of your own Refugee Soul.

Some deets...

I’ve spent the last two + decades using sports psychology, movement, breathwork, sexual energy medicine, storytelling, and creative expression to guide powerhouse athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, and executives into the reclamation of the Sovereign Wilds within their own bodies.

And one thing I know today is this: We alone hold the keys to our freedom… and when we shake off the shackles around the immutable mystery we hold inside, we unlock our creativity and unleash our capacity for impact in the world.

I lead {re}wilding quests, ceremonies, and intensives {both online and in other potent “between spaces”} for Creators, Messengers, and Wisdom Keepers who have received the Call to further initiate their own innate power and expression.

You can find me living and creating at the crossroads of Erotic Abolitionism™, archetypal storytelling, sensual body movement, systemic racialized and sexualized trauma healing, multidimensional creation, decolonized energetics, and elemental remembrance.

I am a student of perennial creativity, indigenous wisdom, and the primal untaming of our own lives… and I am obsessed with how we can interweave our belonging, sexual energy, and art to activate the liberation and change we are here to midwife into the world.

Some primordial rabbit holes:

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Ah. One more thing, and this is important:

Antiracists and co-conspirators of the revolution at hand, only.

AKA: you do not get to benefit from my Black Magic if you do not also care about {and commit to} doing the work to create a world in which my Black Body and all melanated bodies are safe to thrive… and breathe.

Are you one of us?

Join a community of other dope af Soul Refugees and Multidimensional Messengers who are receiving Erotic Abolitionism™ calls to arms, body-based inquiries, and wild musings a few times every week.

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Go even deeper…

I have shared {and will continue to share} a ton of medicine and musings for free because I want you all with me, regardless of where you are currently walking within the global wealth gap.

If you want to go a bit deeper into the Mystery with me… and you’re called to support my Medicine Making…

Then I invite you to become a paid subscriber.

If you have the means to support this body of work, I honor the fuck out of you, with deep gratitude and love.

This is a portal of the Wilds, one that edge walks between abundance and liberation for all bodies.

And I am beyond stoked to have you with me.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,


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A multidimensional writing experience for the kairotic moments in life and in art, when it’s time to {un}become


Erotic Muse | Provocateur of the Primal & the Wilds | Medicine Walker