May 18 • 9M

The scars we do not see

What happens when we look at ourselves and are unable to track the pain...

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Nikka Karli
A Melanated Kin-centered multidimensional writing experience for the kairotic moments in life and in art, when it’s time to {un}become
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Sometimes my eyes roam my body, seeking out scars.

And I’ll try to remember how they got there.

Some scars I remember. Some I don’t.

Today, I found the one under my mouth.

It happened when my tooth went through my lip.

{No fun.}

If I turn my head a certain way, or roll my lip under just so, I can’t even find the scar at all.

This morning we held our final live session for this first round of Decision Point.

{I know! Me? Morning?!!}

The transmission brought us into a conversation about physical and emotional pain and how they can become so ingrained in our identity, that we often forget who we are OUTSIDE of them.

{Note: We are God made manifest. And… we are here with a personhood in human form. However, sometimes we can identify the form as that which we are, rather than a temporal experiencing of that which we are.}

And all of this today has me thinking about physical vs emotional scars and what happens when the scars we have accumulated are invisible…

What happens when we look at ourselves and are unable to track the pain, because it has left its mark solely in places that are inaccessible to the human eye…

And are laid bare only to the eye of soul.

We are offered medicine with our scars, both the physical and emotional ones.

We do not always feel ready or able to hold them as medicine, and that’s ok.

But when we do, it’s a portal.

Because it invites us beyond form as our lens.

It invokes us back into and as formlessness itself.

And it initiates us into remembering who the fuck we are.

Listen in as I go deeper in today’s private MFTW audio experience.

As always…

Here’s to your untaming,



Something erotic this way comes.

Watch this space…